What Are Some Ways We Might Spend Time Together?

If you've come to this site, you're probably familiar with Anchhorhold, my blog on ritual practice, creative expression, and erotic spirituality in the lives of gay, bisexual, and otherwise queer men. If you aren't, you'll find it at http://www.anchorholder.blogspot.com/. Browsing the posts there will give you a fuller idea of who I am and how we might interact. But here are a few examples of experiences we might share:

Design your personal altar.

Prepare a ceremony of commitment to your lover, lovers, or friends.

Plan art projects that express and develop your inner life.

Gather a community to witness you take on the role of Elder. (Photo of James Broughton and Joel Singer by Robert Giard) 

Read the Tarot together and look in the cards for insight into your life.
Create and perform an erotic ritual to affirm the rich connections of body, pleasure, desire, and spirit. (Photo by Andrew Graham)

Burn an object that represents what you need to let go of.

Reclaim, on your own terms, the rituals of a tradition you've left behind.

Engage in a Sacred Intimacy session.

Hang prayer flags from the trees of your garden, or a park, or the forest.

Connect to the deep rhythms of nature at the key points of the year: the Solstice, the Equinox, or the Cross-Quarters between them.

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