Monday, July 16, 2012

Where You May Be in Your Life

You may have great joys to celebrate: a new or enduring relationship; a circle of friends; a recovery from illness or addiction; the sacred gifts and transformative potential of erotic desire.

You may be seeking a personal spiritual practice or want to deepen one you already have.

You may be at a crossroads: between careers; negotiating the transformation of an ongoing relationship; moving on from places and people that have defined home and safety.

You may just now be coming out, or struggling years later with the homophobia and erotic shame that nearly all of us have internalized.

You may be working through grief: at the death of a lover, friend, relative, or a beloved animal companion; for a relationship that's over; for the loss of a home, a career, a community you've left. You may be facing death.

You may have something you want to let go of. You may feel a deep need to invite something new into your life. You may feel drawn to pray.