Sacred Intimacy Sessions

The term "Sacred Intimacy" is used by different practitioners to mean different things. It's essential to remember that Sacred Intimacy work is different from therapy, and can't replace therapy. I'm not a therapist. (Some Sacred Intimates are also practicing therapists, but they're clear with themselves and with clients which modality they're working in.)

 For me, first and foremost, Sacred Intimacy implies that what passes between us is holy, that it's filled and enlivened with the presence of the Divine. I will do my best to be as present to you, as available to you for your good, as I'm capable of being. My intention is to be open to working in whatever modality we agree will be helpful to you. A session begins with a short conversation in which you explain to me where you're at, and what you hope to take away from our time together.
The emphasis is on healing, growth, and the expansion of your life. You may, for example, have issues of erotic shame that you want to work on, or grief, or body image, or intimacy.  I may ask for clarifications and make suggestions. Together we agree on the starting point for the experiential work that will follow.
A session might unfold through breathwork, guided meditation, bodywork, intentionally focused erotic interaction, creative movement, the shared creation of ritual, artistic practice, psychodynamic role playing, or some combination.
I can't hope to be of service to you unless I feel competent in the role I assume, and unless I have the sense that what we do has potential to help you move forward with your declared intention. So our initial conversation may involve some give and take around what's possible and what's useful. 
It's essential for your integrity and mine that we respect full confidentiality and respect one another's boundaries. We enter into sacred space together at the beginning of a session. We leave sacred space at the end, and what's happened within the safe container of the session remains distinct from any interactions we might have before or after the session. What happens in the session stays in the session.

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