Bodywork Sessions

My bodywork practice is informed by years of hands-on experience with the healing power of  respectful sensuous  touch, for both receiver and giver. I believe in the power of pleasurable physical contact, in an environment of total acceptance, to help heal the wounds of shame, internalized homophobia, religious abuse, negative body image, and sexual performance anxiety that we often carry--sometimes without even fully realizing it. My training  has included numerous intensives offered by the Body Electric School, an institution whose work I enthusiastically and wholeheartedly recommend. It's important for me to clarify that I am not trained as a registered or certified massage therapist.

Your session with me starts as we create a heart-to-heart connection. Before we move to the massage table, I'll invite you to spend a few minutes together talking about where you're at, what you want and feel you need, what you might hope to take away from our time together.
During your session, whatever touch or interaction unfolds, I will encourage you to breathe deeply and consciously. I will encourage you to move the energy generated by touch around your body.
You may want gentle, supportive touch. You may want something much more energetically charged. We can move back and forth along the spectrum from the one to the other. I can coach you in breath techniques that lead some men to ecstatic states in which the boundaries blur between physical, emotional, and spiritual experience. I can encourage you to speak affirmations while taking in the experience of touch. I can hold you if you need to weep. I can watch over you if you need to thrash around on the table. I can listen if you need to speak your truth. I can speak words to you that you've decided you need to hear.
In particular, please know that you are welcome if you've had little experience of sensuous man-to-man contact and need to explore what such experience might be like in your life; if you're working through issues of shame and self-acceptance connected with religious background; if you're married and need the experience of physical contact outside your primary relationship; if you're seeking to integrate your erotic with your spiritual life more fully; if you're reclaiming your right to sensuous experience after an HIV diagnosis; if you're learning what it means to live in a body that changes with age; if you live with a physical disability.
Preparing for my time with you is important to me. I work only on the basis of advance appointments and am usually not available with less than a week's or at least a few days' notice. I prefer to receive booking requests by e-mail:

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