Group Workshops

I also facilitate structured group workshops for men who want to explore and play more deeply together.

I teach basic principles of ritual: language, gesture, interpersonal  process, and communal expression. These principles can
help you to better express your shared hopes and longings; to voice your joys and grief; to celebrate your communion with other men who love men.

I encourage you to play with possibility, to experiment together, to find your own way, rather than telling you how to "do it right." The only authentic ritual is ritual that a community creates for itself.

I like to think of good group ritual as "spiritual jazz." It's based on paying close attention to each other and building on that energy in call and response.

A central feature of my workshops is the Ritual Tent: a sacred zone, laboratory, and play space where participants can enshrine their sacred objects; try out the "feel" of imagery and practices from various cultures; invent ritual together from scratch using the "building blocks" I give them.

I offer these workshops when a "critical mass" of men have individually expressed an interest. I also offer them on request to groups of men who've already decided among themselves that they want to build shared spiritual community through group practice.

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