Generous Words About My Work

"David Townsend is smart, articulate, and genuine, a terrific teacher, thinker and facilitator. Warm, wih a good sense of humor, accessible and engaging, he is a sweet asset to our community."-Richard Azzolini, San Francisco
"David Townsend is a gifted ritual leader. He combines his exquisite and unique artistic talents with a deep reverence for nature and a rich connection to spirit."-Michael Cohen, New York City
"I took two of David's workshops in the summer of 2010. He has a gift for creating potent, content-rich experiences. David had us diving right in, and doing so with joy."-Paul Dakin, New York City
"David Townsend brings together the varied strengths of artist, scholar, and teacher, all permeated with a deep queer spirituality. He has the rare ability to both immerse himself fully in an experience and reflect intelligently and articulately afterwards."-Robert Gross, Rochester, NY
"David was excellent at keeping us balanced between head and heart; he addressed intellectual questions and challenges clearly and openly, kept things moving, and brought us deeper into our bodies and souls." Lee Stern, New York City

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